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What is the Kids Digital Health Portal?

Kids Digital Health provides curated games and tools proven to be beneficial to kids’ health and wellbeing.

We support learning and health goals while kids have fun.

Our Story

What is Kids Digital Health?

Kids Digital Health Inc. is a digital healthcare company located in Alberta, Canada dedicated to creating ‘serious games’ for the world’s children. serious game is a video game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. This first offering, Kids Digital Health, is a subscription-based content service for kids that provides parents with a trusted source for apps and games that engage their kids while helping improve their brains through neuroplasticity. 

Kids Digital Health features a clinician-curated library of games and apps. Kids Digital Health also creates its own content – KDH Originals – based on the peer-reviewed TERCA model (in publication). All content featured on the Kids Digital Health platform is reviewed and approved by our clinical staff so parents can be confident that playing the games support improvement in aspects of their development: memory, attention, social skills, visual motor skills etc. Playing our carefully curated and produced games is therapeutic.

Why is this important?

According to recent studies about media use by childrentweens and teensover half play video games. On average, this group plays for more than an hour per day. It is also important to note that fifteen to eighteen percent of the world’s children have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disability. For example, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) etc. A team of scientists, clinicians and developers built and curated these games with these kids in mind. 


Kids Digital Health is the world’s only safe and therapeutic space for young kids and their caregivers to enjoy gaming content while improving their lives. Parents around the world want what is best for their children – so our team created a portal dedicated to young kids who love games and need some help. Kids Digital Health is committed to improving children’s lives, those of their siblings and making their parents’ lives better.