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Research and Partners

Through our partners we are able to provide families with the security and knowledge that their children can learn and grow through serious games.

Case Study: Dino Island

Dino Island is a serious game

Preliminary studies with this intervention have shown gains in attention, memory, self-regulation, emotional and behavioural control, self-efficacy, use of problem solving strategies, and academic performance in children with neurodevelopmental disorders. We also saw improved skills and knowledge in intervention facilitators.

We believe that Dino Island can be effectively and affordably delivered in school, home, and community settings, both local and remote, by trained paraprofessionals and families.

Education and training of paraprofessional interventionists and families to deliver Dino Island can improve their skills and knowledge for broadly supporting all children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Wider rollout of Dino Island to local and remote communities can reduce costs to health-care and educational systems by providing an effective immediate solution for EF problems, and by alleviating long-term impacts and secondary disabilities that stem from a failure to remediate EF deficits.





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